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Today's Spotlight: Redmond Floyd

06/06/2014 1:09 PM -

 June 6th, 2014 Meet the Mustang is Redmond Floyd


Chris Roush: How did your passion for baseball begin?

Redmond Floyd: To be honest, baseball was one of my best talents. I was decent at football, but I always wanted to play, I liked to play. I decided to go with baseball and my dad thought it would be the best option for me.

CR: What made the decision to play baseball easier?

RF: Well, I had a pretty decent arm, I didn’t know where it was going, and I was younger. I was able to throw harder than most and I was one of the first to start pitching at a young age.

CR: You mentioned that your dad helped you make the decision, how did he help you grow as a player?

RF: He helped a lot, there are a lot of distractions and he helped me stay focused to get where I wanted to get. I’m not there yet, but I’m close.

CR: What is your end goal?

RF: Well, I’ve always wanted to be a professional baseball player and it’s my senior season, but to even say I made it to the collegiate level, one step away is a worthy accomplishment.  

CR: How has the experienced been for you going from collegiate ball right into playing with the Mustangs?

RF: It’s a lot of fun, I wish our (Arkansas Pine Bluff) season would have gone a little longer, but unfortunately we got bounced from the playoffs. So, to be able to come here and pick up where I left off is pretty great.

CR: Your first season with the Mustangs was last year, what was that like?

RF: It was a lot of fun, cause at our (Arkansas Pine Bluff) home games, we maybe get 50 fans. However, playing in front of thousands here is pretty awesome. I think it was a great transitional experience.

CR: Were there any nerves coming in as a new guy last year?

RF: Yeah there were some nerves early, but once I got my first outing under my belt, I realized obviously baseball is just the same, so go out and play.

CR: What is it like playing in front of thousands of fans, were there any jitters?

RF: Not really, normally, when I play in school, we are always on the road and constantly had people rooting against us, but here it’s nice to have thousands of Mustangs’ fans cheering for you. It helps you do better.

CR: The Mustangs are very involved with the community, what’s that experience been like for you?

RF: It’s nice to know that the community cares about you and it’s great to give back to the fans that come and support you every night. It’s always nice; I’m a little bit of a spiritual person, it’s nice to give back.

CR: You talked about giving back to the community, what’s that one thing you enjoy doing for the community?

RF: When I was in Pine Bluff, we would go help feed the homeless and stack cans for them. Here in St. Joseph, I’ve been to a senior citizens’ home and they enjoyed seeing us. So, hopefully this year, I’ll be able to do more charity events.

CR: You seem to really enjoy going out into the community and giving back, how important is it for you to be involved and not just play baseball?

RF: I think you need to be a well-rounded person. They say baseball mirrors life, but to be honest, baseball is just a game; the life aspect is the most important.

CR: Now that you are in your second year with the Mustangs, what was the biggest thing between year one and now?

RF: I’m a lot more comfortable and confident in my ability. I think it’s a comfort factor.

CR: This team consists of players from all over the country, how have you guys come together so quickly?

RF: Yeah, we are trying to make it to the NBC, which is our end of the year goal, but we want to win the MINK first. We have teammates from every class, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, and we have come together in order to win the MINK championship.

CR: How do you think having players in every class help the team?

RF: Well it’s nice, the older guys have enthusiasm, but they bring a little more level headedness for the game. The younger guys come in with the energy and the expectations do well and have their whole careers in front of them. It adds fuel to the fire for the team. 


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