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Mustangs Spend Afternoon at Camp Quality

06/14/2014 8:19 AM -

 St. Joseph, Mo.- The St. Joseph Mustangs spent the afternoon playing games and having fun at Camp Farwesta with Camp Quality Northwest Missouri.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in June the players, and even Rally, were able to bond with the kids over a fun game of baseball.

Kids came from all directions to the make-shift ball field.  Some had their hair done in bright colors after just leaving the beauty salon others had just gotten out of the bubble pit. But one thing was for sure, it was time for some good ole’ baseball.

The Mustangs started out pitching to all the kids before they started playing a game. After everyone had batted once they played to three outs, never keeping score, just enjoying all the laughs and memories that came along with playing ball.

For two full hours we had doubles, triples and home runs, a few pickle plays and even an over the shoulder basket catch.

However the day would not be complete without a few group photos and ice cream at Communication Central before the Mustangs had to leave to get ready for their game.

Each year since its inception in 1986, Camp Quality hosts a week-long camp for kids that have or have had cancer in their lives. It’s a place for them to go and have fun and forget about everything for a while. As a precaution there is always full medical staff on site.

At the camp, kids can go horseback riding, play messy kick ball and even play on a bunch of inflatable toys, and for the campers that are 14 and older they have an annual prom.

The camp is just a week long but they do provide yearlong support. They have a Christmas party and even hold some reunions throughout the year so that the friends that were made during this time can stay in touch.

Anyone that would like to volunteer can sign up using their website. You can find the link to the site below.




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