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Player of the Week: Jerry Houston

06/21/2015 10:45 AM -

  Jerry Houston, Infielder, grew up in Dolton Illinois where he attended Mount Carmel High School. During his high school career, Houston made the All-Conference team, Illinois Player of the Year, and won a State Championship. He now attends the University of Missouri in Columbia, where He studies Social Science Education. Houston hopes to use his degree to coach, and teach history after graduation.

Growing up, Houston said his father and brothers had momentous impact on his baseball career. “My dad was smart, really smart, and was a great coach,” Houston said. According to Houston, playing with his younger brothers and father was great because they were always able to feed off of each other and have fun.

In his spare time, Houston loves relaxing and playing video games. Houston doesn’t take himself too seriously, saying that he is “unbelievable goofy.” Jerry always has a smile on his face, giving off positive vibes, and just trying to make other people laugh.

Houston has thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Mustangs so far. His favorite part has been the closeness in the club house. “It’s great because everyone is friends, everyone talks to everybody,” Houston said of the camaraderie.

Houston also spoke very highly of the Mustangs’ coaching staff. He loves the coaching staff because “they push us, but still let us have fun.”


When it comes to remainder of the season, Jerry Houston is most excited to simply play games in Phil Welch. He loves the environment and the energy that the fans bring to the games night in and night out. “It’s a great atmosphere here” Houston said, “it’s a lot of fun to play in.”  

By: Robert Bryant

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