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A perfect game at Phil Welch!

After a high-energy game against the Warren County Crop Dusters, the St Joe Mustangs took a step back to allow the up-and-coming St Joe Tenderloins to take on the Nevada Griffons.

The Mustangs have always had the Griffons number in past games, with scores of 7-4 and 10-6 in the last two games. It was now time to see if the Tenderloins could protect Phil Welch.

Starting pitcher Sam Pitts pitched in the first, second, and third innings. In each inning, he took the Griffons down 1-2-3. In the three innings, he recorded five strikeouts.

In the bottom of the third inning, left fielder Noah Bodenhaus singled to start the offense for the Tenderloins. Shortstop Mason Holton doubled, sending Bodenhaus home to lead 1-0. Third baseman Carson Schrack hit a single to score Holton from second to extend the Tenderloins lead 2-0.

After Pitts went 1-2-3 in the fourth, Bodenhaus singled to score designated hitter Frank Gall.

Holton singled to left to put runners on first and second, but Schrack drove home with a two-RBI double.

After Schrack advanced to third from a groundout by right fielder Jeter Mauzey, catcher Dom Felix doubled to score Schrack.

Center fielder Easton Bruce reached on an error by Griffon first baseman Cooper Mlnarik. Felix scored from third after the error.

After Bruce advanced on a passed ball and first baseman Jayden Little walked, second baseman Truman Bodenhaus singled to score Bruce for a 6-run fourth inning to extend the Tenderloin lead 8-0

The Tenderloins offense ran rampant again in the bottom of the fifth as N. Bodenhaus singled to be driven in by a Holton double. Holton scored on a wild pitch to extend the Tenderloin lead to 10-0.

Schrack and Mauzey singled and advanced on passed balls to put themselves on second and third. Bruce walked to load the bases for Little, who reached on an error by Griffon second baseman Austin Reiter, extending the Tenderloin lead 11-0.

A pitch hit T.Bodenhaus to walk in Mauzey to extend the Tenderloin lead 12-0.

Gall reached first after an error by Mlnarik, scoring Bruce, and kept bases loaded to extend the Tenderloin lead to 13-0.

New left fielder Jase Johnson grounded out to score Little and extend the Tenderloin lead 14-0.

Holton reached on an error by Griffon shortstop Sam Schmidt to cap off a 7-run fifth inning and extend the Tenderloin lead 15-0.

The Tenderloin offense wasn't the only side doing well. Pitts had an outstanding game cooking on his own, as nobody got a hit off him in five innings. The sixth inning was no different, as Pitts recorded another strikeout and zero hits to add to his seven-strikeout no-hitter.

The Tenderloins added extra runs. Little singled to the third baseman to score pitch hitter Logan Miller and new right fielder Aron Harrington, extending the Tenderloins' lead to 17-0.

Pitts ended his stupendous game with eight strikeouts and zero hits, making him the first pitcher in Mustang and Tenderloin history to throw a perfect game. This earned him the title of Tenderloin Player of the Game.

The Mustangs return tomorrow to play against a close rival, the Clarinda A's, at 7:00 p.m.

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