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Mustang's Close Loss

Last night's game with the Carroll Merchants resulted in losing the St Joe Mustangs' twelve-game win streak. Today, the Mustangs had a rematch with the Merchants on their home turf, Phil Welch Stadium.

In the first inning, the Merchants struck first in a two-run inning as a walk with the bases loaded and a single put the Merchants leading 0-3.

The Merchants put themselves further ahead in the second, as a double steal let a Merchant cross home from third, putting the Merchants up 0-3

Kyle Hepburn had something to say about that in the second as he would blast a solo home run, putting the Mustangs closer in a 1-3 ballgame.

In the third, a throwing error allowed another Merchant to cross home, and the Merchants gained another run, making the ballgame 1-4.

After that, Darius Freeman made the game closer with a sacrifice fly in the third inning that scored Truman Bodenhaus, making it a 2-4 ballgame.

The Merchants scored on Mustang errors in the sixth and seventh, making it a 6-2 ballgame.

The Mustangs rallied in the eighth, as Noah Bodenhaus scored on a wild pitch, Mason Holton's single drove in Freeman, and Carson Schrack's groundout let Holton cross home to make it a 5-6 game.

The Merchants held onto their lead in the ninth inning in a 5-6 Mustangs loss.

The Mustangs will have a game tomorrow against the Nevada Griddons at seven p.m. for Mental Health Awareness Night.

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