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Mustang's Streak Ends

The Mustangs headed to Carrol, Iowa, to play the Carroll Merchants. On a two-game win streak, the Merchants have had no luck against the Mustangs but seemed to have caught fire in this bout with the MINK Leauge one seed.

The Mustangs started early in the first inning with a Kyle Hepburn single to drive in Carson Schrack. Dom Felix walked to first, seeing the blur of Mason Holton as he scored on a wild pitch. Jackson Glueck rounds out the first inning with a double to score Hepburn leading early in the game 3-0.

The Merchants responded in the first inning with three offense runs, including a single, double, and fielder's choice to tie the game at three.

The Mustangs didn't want to break the momentum in the second inning, as Frank Gall went to steal third but scored on an error by the Merchants catcher. Holton reached first after the Merchant's third baseman overthrew to the first baseman, leading to Logan Miller scoring, making the score 5-3.

The Merchants had another three-run inning in the second. They scored on a single, a wild pitch, and a passed ball and led the game 5-6.

They led the game until Frank Gall.'s single drove in Trevor McCollum to tie it at 6.

In the sixth, the Merchants pulled ahead with a sac fly and a home run. In the eighth, they added one more run, as a double put one more Merchant across home to put the score at 6-9 Merchants' lead.

The Mustang's twelve-game win streak ends in Iowa as they drop this game to the Merchants.

Mustang fans are in luck, however, because the Mustangs return to Phil Welch tomorrow for a rematch against the Merchants at 7:00 pm for Lego Night.

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