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Mustangs Conquer Crop Dusters

After a slugfest with the Griffons that resulted in a 10-6 win, the Mustangs traveled to Warren County to face the Crop Dusters.

In their last matchup, the Mustangs demolished the Crop Dusters in a 15-1 squash match at Fareway Fields, the Crop Dusters' home field.

The first inning started blank, with both teams looking for gaps in the other's defense and offense.

That was until Truman Bodenhaus hit a bases-clearing double in the second inning, scoring Logan Miller, Jackson Glueck, and Jayden Little and bringing the score to 3-0.

After the Crop Dusters went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the second. Carson Schrack singled at the top of the third, scoring Noah Bodenhaus. Kyle Hepburn and Glueck both walked loading the bases for Miller. Miller watched ball four, walking in Schrack to extend the lead 5-0.

After getting out of a two-runners-in-scoring-position situation, the Mustangs helped out their starting pitcher, Camden Lutz, with back-to-back doubles by Schrack and Hepburn scoring Schrack. Glueck reached first on a Crop Duster error, and Hepburn scored from third, furthering the Mustangs lead 7-0.

After eight scoreless innings, the Crop Dusters hit back-to-back doubles to score their first run on Lutz to trail 7-1. After the doubles, the Crop Duster's popped out and struck out to end the game in a Mustangs win 7-1.

Pitcher Camden Lutz went all nine innings and gave up five hits and one run, facing thirty-four batters.

Tomorrow, the Mustangs will be on the road again to face the Sedalia Bombers at Historic Liberty Park Stadium at 7:00 p.m.

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