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Mustangs gallop over Griffons

The St Joe Mustangs returned after the St Joe Saints returned to win against the Ban Johnson Bombers. Today, the Mustangs hit the road to face the Nevada Griffons.

The Mustangs had a close game the last time they played the Griffons. Today's game would not fare the same for the Griffons as the Mustangs came to play today.

The Mustangs started early. Center fielder Trevor McCollum doubled to put himself in a scoring position. First baseman Jeter Mauzey drove McCollum home with a single to left field, putting the Mustangs ahead 1-0.

In the bottom of the first, the Griffons had an offensive rally. Two runs scored off a groundout, and a sharp single put the Griffons ahead 1-2.

The lead was short-lived. In the second inning, catcher Dom Felix blasted a solo home run to tie the game at 2.

The Griffons re-took the lead in the third as a Griffon scored off another single to lead 2-3.

The Griffon's lead was cut short again, and with runners on corners, McCollum singled to left center to score third baseman Jordan Black, tying the game at 3.

Starting pitcher Denton Biller stopped the Griffons' back-and-forth scoring in the bottom of the fourth after facing five batters and stopping a rally.

In the fifth inning, the Mustangs put together a remarkable inning. Starting with a Mauzey double and following up with an error by the third baseman that let short-stop Mason Holton reach, the runners advanced after right fielder Jackson Glueck ground out. Black hit a two-RBI triple to score Holton and Mauzey, putting the Mustangs ahead 5-3.

Felix comes through again with an RBI double that scores Black to lead 6-3. Designated hitter Jayden Little singled to put runners on corners. Felix scored after left fielder Darius Freeman grounded out to make the score 7-3.

Relief pitcher Camden Lutz was called to pitch in the fifth and pitched two scoreless innings. Relief pitcher Michael Infranca stepped to the mound in the seventh and gave up one run on a Griffon sacrifice fly to make the game 7-4.

Jaren Guck recorded three strikeouts in the eighth and one hit to get out of the eighth. Guck pitched in the ninth and recorded the final out of the game with a strikeout. The Mustangs win 7-4, getting out of a possibly terrifying ninth inning.

Your Mustangs are still on the road, and they will try to avenge their two losses when they face the Carroll Merchants at 6:35 p.m. at Merchant Park.

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