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St. Joseph Mustangs 2022 Season will feature a new Tasty Team Name

ST. JOSEPH, MO. -- ​The St. Joseph Mustangs first took the field at Phil Welch Stadium in 2009. The team has won 7 MINK League Championships during that 14 year span. On select nights during the 2022 season, the team will look a little different.

“The Mustangs brand is strong. It means a lot to put on that jersey, so many great people have been a part of the organization over the past 14 years. We have fielded calls and visitors from all over the globe to talk about the Mustangs,” said Mustangs team owner Ky Turner. “When people think of summer fun in our area, they think of the Mustangs. Of course, we also like to provide some surprises. We will always innovate, and keep people guessing at what we might do next.”

The team will transition to a new name on select nights in 2022. The team will be known as the St. Joseph Tenderloins.

Turner continued, “First, if you know us, we are all a little bit crazy and like to have fun. Second, this is really about our community. We wanted to highlight something about St. Joseph. When you think of St. Joe, many people may think of the Pony Express, Jesse James, the Parkway system, Walter Cronkite, or something else. We also know St. Joseph has some of the best tenderloin sandwiches in the country, and thought it would be a fun opportunity to rebrand as something different, unique to St. Joseph.”

The Mustangs will transition to the Tenderloins on four select nights in 2022: Friday June 3, Thursday June 23, Saturday July 16, and Friday July 22. The team will don the familiar red and white Mustangs uniforms for the remainder of the games.

The Mustangs, err, Tenderloins, have teamed up with Triumph Foods on the new rebrand. “Triumph Foods employs a large local work force, and they do a lot for our community. Pork tenderloins are pretty popular in our area, and it seemed like a perfect fit with the leader in the pork industry, Triumph Foods,” said Turner.

The new “St. Joseph Tenderloin” player uniforms will feature a progressive silent jersey auction at each Tenderloin home game- meaning the jerseys can be bid on at each game, and the highest bidder at the final Tenderloin home game on Friday July 22 will own a game used souvenir. All proceeds from the jersey auction will be donated to a local charity.

Additionally, the Mustangs have teamed up with a neighboring restaurant to Phil Welch Stadium, Adam’s Bar and Grill. Each time that a customer purchases a tenderloin at Adam’s, they will also receive a free ticket to a Tenderloins baseball game. This ticket and tenderloin promotion will last all of the 2022 season.

“Adam’s is a community favorite. We are so excited to partner with them on this rebrand. They have so many delicious items on their menu, and I’m not sure you’ll be able to find a better-or tastier- value in our area,” said Turner.

Turner continued, “ We approached the team at Yellow Frog Graphics with nothing more than some crazy ideas. They worked and put together an incredible logo for the new name. We’re excited to feature some new Tenderloin merchandise at the team shop as well this summer. What I’m most excited about this new rebrand is that we keep coming back to one thing: our community. Triumph Foods, who is so supportive of St. Joe. Adam’s Bar Grill, locally owned, and a delicious restaurant. The local design team and staff at Yellow Frog Graphics produced the logo and branding. And a fun new team name that is all about St. Joseph.”

The team will enter season thirteen in 2022. Mustangs Opening Day will be on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022. Season tickets and corporate outings/group visits can be purchased by calling 816-279-STJO.

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