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Washout but still go all out!

Today's game against the Clarinda A's was battered with rain all throughout the innings after a monsoon set in the eighth inning bringing the game to a close and all fans at Phil Welsh Stadium running for cover.

But while the game was in session, it was a thriller!

The St Joe Mustangs continue the trend of scoring early with Mason Holton driving in Carson Schrack. Kyle Hepburn reached on an overthrow to first which scored Jeter Mauzey. Holton scored after a wild pitch was thrown putting the Mustangs ahead 3-0 in the first.

The A's single in the fourth inning would make the score 3-1

Darius Freeman responded with a sacrifice fly in the fourth scoring Jackson Glueck. Schrack singled to center field driving in Noah Bodenhaus and Carson Schmidt enhancing the Mustangs lead to 6-1

The A's scored on Landon Reith's wild pitch making the score 6-2.

Freeman hit another sacrifice fly in the sixth innings scoring Schmidt leading by five with a 7-2 score.

The A's would score one more run in the seventh after a sacrifice fly which would rain out in the next inning leaving a score of 7-3 in a Mustangs win.

The Mustangs will have no break as they are set to once again face the A's in Clarinda tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.

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