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St. Joseph Mustangs Set New Attendance Record; Top Ten National Attendance Ranking

The St. Joseph Mustangs 2019 season was a smashing success. The team won their 6th MINK League Championship, saw a record breaking 14 game winning streak, and the team can now add two more accolades: the largest average per game attendance in team history, and another top ten national ranking in attendance.

The Mustangs finished the season averaging 2,469 guests per game. That number breaks the record of 2,446 guests per game set in 2018. A total of 64,187 people walked through the gates of Phil Welch Stadium in 2019. According to, St. Joseph ranks ninth nationally in both per game average as well as total visitors. This marks the seventh consecutive season that St. Joseph has placed in the top ten in these rankings.

“This community is a special place. St. Joseph is full of rich baseball history, and we’re honored to be able to represent the city and continue that tradition,” said Mustangs General Manager Ky Turner. “We’ve been able to call St. Joseph home for eleven years, and have claimed 6 MINK League Titles, 7 National Top Ten Rankings, but the memories and relationships we’ve been able to form are what we cherish most. Our staff, coaches, ownership, players, fans, sponsors, the City and Parks and Rec, they are all a part of this team and deserve equal recognition for these accomplishments.” 

The Mustangs will enter their 12th season at Phil Welch in 2020.

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