Reading Program

2021 Mustangs Reading Program





This year, we are doing something completely different- rather than having students participate individually, we are challenging CLASSES to work together as a team to earn their prizes.  If your class reads a combined 50 or more books, we'll give you some fun prizes.

Below is a form you can use to track your classes reading progress, or you can track on your own. No need to list the titles of the books that your class has read to us- but again, feel free to adapt this to your own and to hold students accountable. We want to make this as simple and easy as possible, as we know you are handling enough this school year!

Once your class has met the goal, go to the sign up form below and enter in your class information. We'll reward your entire class with a Mustangs prize pack, which includes tickets! Please do so by March 29th.

No school visits this year, but we have a new option for you- Reading with Rally over Zoom! Enter your email below in the Zoom Form, and we will contact you with the dates of the three sessions we'll hold. Each session will occur at different times and will be about10-15 minutes long. We'll send a Zoom link to invite your class, and we will have multiple classes on the Zoom. We'll also upload the sessions to YouTube so you can play the video at any time.

Prizes- we do not have the complete prize package that we typically offer readers and classes, in light of the recent pandemic. This year, we are offering the Mustangs tickets for a summer celebration, and are working on a few others. We also have the social media shout outs and special recognition  for the class that reads the most at each school!


Please contact Ky Turner at kyturner@stjoemustangs.com with any questions.

There is no cost with this program.


Normal Mustangs Reading Program is planned to return this fall!  

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