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St. Joseph Mustangs Set Attendance Records in 2023

ST. JOSEPH, MO. -- The sun has faded on the 2023 St. Joseph Mustangs season, yet the postseason accomplishments continue. The St. Joseph Mustangs have set multiple attendance records and placed nationally as the top in attendance.

The Mustangs finished the season 33-18, the best regular season record in the MINK League. The team won another MINK League North Division crown, before falling in the final game of the MINK League Championship Series to Jefferson City Renegades. The Mustangs have won 8 MINK League titles since the team began in 2009.

Off the field, St. Joseph and the surrounding communities supported the team in the stands with record numbers. On July 15th, a new stadium attendance record was set. 6,013 guests were in attendance to set the new record; clearing the previous record of 5,345 that was set in 2014. Nearly 14,000 people attended the final three games of the Mustangs regular season. The Mustangs record per game average of 2,707 guests per game was good for 11th nationally, again placing St. Joseph, Missouri, as one of the top destinations to watch summer collegiate baseball. Mustangs per game attendance was up by thirteen percent when compared to 2022. The national rankings are compiled and published from

The team also broke another record, with total attendance. The Mustangs placed 15th overall nationally, with 75,783 total attendance for 2023. That number was a 21 percent increase from 2022.

Mustangs team owner Ky Turner said, “St. Joseph is a remarkable place to play, watch, and experience summer collegiate baseball. There were nights that the only spot to sit was a grass hill, or the pregame line to enter the stadium reached lines we have never experienced. The electricity in the crowd was felt each night. To see the energy and life that is breathed into Phil Welch Stadium for about 30 nights this past summer is something that we are extremely proud of.” He went on to say, “We had guests visit from all over the world. New Zealand, Las Vegas, Finland, Jamaica, Florida, California, Texas, to name a few. We are honored and thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community and everyone who has a hand in the Mustangs experience. The stadium may be empty now, but we are full of ideas for 2024. We will continue to grow into the best baseball experience possible, and St. Joseph will long be known as a top destination for all summer collegiate baseball players to play.

The Mustangs will begin year 15 in 2024 at Phil Welch Stadium. For a complete list of the rankings, please visit

To contact the Mustangs front office, please call 816-279-STJO (7856) or visit

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