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Tenderloins return to Phil Welch in 2023

The tastiest team name in the Midwest is back at Phil Welch Stadium in 2023. The St. Joseph Mustangs will undergo their transformation to the St. Joseph Tenderloins again this upcoming season, in partnership with Triumph Foods.

The Mustangs will undergo a team name change for four select nights in 2023. On those evenings, the team will wear a special uniform and hat combination; those special edition jerseys will be auctioned off exclusively during each game. The silent auction will conclude with the final Tenderloins game, with proceeds going to a local charity.

“St. Joseph is known for a lot of things, including being one of the best spots in the world to get a delicious tenderloin. The community embraced the Tenderloins last year, and we are excited to partner with Triumph again this summer and bring light to some of the culinary delights while having some fun,” said Mustangs team owner Ky Turner. Additionally, the team has renewed their partnership with Adam’s Bar and Grill, offering a promotion for Mustangs (or Tenderloins) tickets when guests purchase a tenderloin at their restaurant during the team’s season.

While the Mustangs were able to grab a third straight MINK League Championship on the field, the team's eighth overall, the team also went undefeated under the Tenderloins moniker in 2022. The Tenderloin games will be released with the full promotional calendar, which will be published on April 5th. Single game and season tickets for both the Mustangs and Tenderloins are now on sale and can be purchased by calling 816.279.STJO or visiting

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